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High Speed Internet

The future can’t wait for the phone and cable companies to bring you True High-Speed Internet.

Wi-Fi Solutions

Taking the challenge out of keeping your wireless network operating at its fullest potential

Voice Solutions

We can provide everything from the home phones you like to entire phone systems for the multi-extension office

Security Solutions

We can help with indoor and outdoor camera solutions. Stay on top of things with our high resolution recordings.

Mason City's only locally owned and operated internet service provider.

Router12 Networks provide custom, cost effective solutions that are specifically built to meet the needs of customers.  We utilize proven technologies and over a decade of professional industry experience as the foundation for solid hosted products and services.  We keep costs low by choosing sensible alternatives to high cost proprietary products and by putting customers in control.

We bring you internet, host your websites and fix your problems.

Within reason. We even have a cloud!

Mason City's only locally owned and operated internet service provider. We also host websites, provide networking solutions and cloud services.
Options are available for short-term event internet access.
For more information regarding DOCSIS integration and optimization as well as service provider consulting, please contact us.